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Burn Fat and Keep it Off Permanently Without Fancy Diets

How to lose weight and keep it off forever without a strict diet?

How often have you ever heard a friend saying: “I’m on a diet”? Then what happens is that your friend would lose some weight for a while before putting them all back on.

I also bet that you saw someone saying, “Cardio is the very best solution to lose weight”. This person would then religiously pound the treadmill, but the results are agonizingly slow. Soon he gives up and takes back all the weight he has lost and sometimes even a few extra kilos!

Ah, so you thought you’d finally found the answer to permanent weight loss. You’ve been eating hard and beating your heart. You lost kilos very quickly. But there’s something wrong when you look in the mirror of your birthday suit. Yes, you have lost some weight, but somehow your body shape is not as flattering as you would like it to be. And then suddenly you hit a plateau.

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No matter how strict your diet and cardio training are, your weight simply refuses to fall any further. Then horror of horror, you’re actually starting to put on some weight! You get disillusioned because you’re with the ungrateful program and soon you’re more likely to “feel guilty”, and the weight immediately comes up again. The program fails and you blame it for your bad genes. Why???

Here is the reason. First, take a look at the title of this article. We are talking about “burning off fats” and we are not talking about “losing weight”. My point is, by just losing weight, you also lose some muscle mass in the process. By losing muscles, you lose body tone and your metabolic rate for calorie burning slows down. That’s why you need to build muscles and lose fat. You can even put on some weight because the muscles are heavier than fats.

To lose weight and keep it off permanently, you need to combine healthy eating habits, integrate cardiovascular exercises and lift weights to build muscles. For every kilogram of muscle you pack, you burn 70-100 extra calories a day, even without doing anything.

Can you imagine the benefits of building 5 kg of extra muscle?

You’ll burn 350 to 500 extra calories a day, even if you’re just lazing around. You will burn a Big Mac every day!

To further illustrate my point, 1 kg = about 7,700 calories, so if you burn 500 calories a day because of the extra muscles you have, you will burn about 1 kg every 2 weeks just because of your higher metabolic rate!

You will also look good, healthy and well groomed! Is it any wonder why bodybuilders eat so much but don’t apply fat so easily?

Everybody knows that intensive cardio and strict diets cause you to lose muscle mass as well as fat. So, while you’re losing some weight at first, you look like, well, just a smaller version of yourself without any muscle tone. That’s not what we want, is it?

So if you lose more and more muscles, your metabolism starts to slow down. In addition, your body begins to conserve fats and “eat” your muscles for energy because it responds to your strict diet. Then what happens is that you hit a plateau, and no matter what you do, you won’t lose any more weight and your fats will start to develop again. In short, this is the “yo-yo” diet effect that we hear so much about.

lose weight and keep it off

The loss of fats is simple. And note that I said “simple”, but didn’t say it is “easy”. My points will be easy to understand, but execution requires determination and discipline on your part.

It’s a lifestyle change to lose weight and keep it off permanently, and you’ll be glad you did because you’ll get used to the changes in just a few weeks. Until then, it will become a cultivated habit for you, especially if you are rewarded with a fitter, healthier, more light and radiant complexion!

Here’s how you do it. Simply losing fat just means you have to burn more calories than you consume. Point.

Lift weights with compound exercises

Forget the puny bicep curls and triceps push-downs. Choose large muscle groups such as legs, back, and chest.


Because you work with larger parts with more mass, which means that more body parts work, leading to more calories burned. When you’re fit, do huge sets (4 or more exercises or sets with no break between sets or exercises).

Here is an example. Make only one set of each exercise without pause between the exercises. 

Select a weight of about 60%-70% of what you would usually lift and go for at least 25 repetitions. Do more if you can or until your muscles are tired, then stop. Leave the gym. The whole routine should not last longer than 40 minutes.

After warming up thoroughly, start with knee bends, then dip, bench presses, barbell rows, and military presses.

Sounds easy?

Not like that. You will be puffing, puffing and sweating. What will be achieved?

lose weight and keep it off

You have combined a cardio workout with a lifting workout and your metabolism will burn for the next few hours. Do this three times a week with at least one rest day between lift days.

After 4-8 weeks change the order of exercises. So if you normally squat first, then squat last. Then after another 4-8 weeks, change some of the exercises, for example replace knee bends with Dead Lift, or bar rows of bells with Lat Pull Down. That is to shock your musculature so that it will continue to grow and adapt.

For heart, go for a run first thing in the morning before breakfast. If you are jogging at normal speed, keep jogging upright for at least 45 minutes. If you run at 65% to 80% of your maximum heart rate (you wheeze and cannot sing or finish a set while running), 20-30 minutes will do. More than that can lead to muscle loss. You can mix the speed with slower jogs in between to catch your breath. Do these 5-6 times a week.

Eating habits?

Just eat less than what you normally eat. For instance, if you have 2 pieces of bread with 2 eggs in the morning, take only one slice and one egg now. Simply eat half of what you eat normally, but eat more regularly.

Take 5 to 6 meals a day if you can. This is to feed your body frequently so that it doesn’t go into starvation mode and start preserving fats.

At the same time, the metabolism is stimulated as the body burns calories while digesting the food. Destroy all soft drinks, sugary drinks and stop adding sugar to your coffee and tea. Just by not drinking sugary drinks you may have freed yourself from 200 calories a day. Instead, drink plenty of water and double the amount if you can.

Oh, by the way, all the work and no play makes Jack a boring (and very tired) boy. Choose one day to relax per week. No movement that day. Enjoy your favorite food when you need to. Hey, pat yourself on the back and reward yourself for having another busy week behind you. After all, your body also needs to recover.

If you achieve your fat loss goals and are satisfied with your muscular development, you can take things a little easier. Do not go to the gym so often, have shorter running times and even relax a little in your diet. Because of the larger muscles, the body is now a fat-burning machine. You deserve this luxury.

Simple? Sure. But do you have the determination to lose weight and keep it off permanently? Who said that you have to follow a strict diet to lose weight and keep the fat away forever? It’s your decision!

Note: All my recommendations are carefully considered and reviewed and are intended for healthy adults over the age of 18 years. None of my articles can provide a replacement for expert medical advice. Please consult a physician before starting any training, nutrition or supplementation program. Especially if you have already had complaints in the past.
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