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How to Boost Your Metabolism: 10 Effective Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Fat burning in everyday life: These are the ten best tips to boost your metabolism and get rid of excess kilos. Which Kind of Sports Really Help Burning Fat? The most effective way is frequent and long endurance training, such as running, walking or swimming. But more important than the choice of sport is the training plan. In order to get rid of as many fat calories as possible, three to four hours a week is ideal. The workload should depend on the fitness level.…

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lose weight and keep it off Cardio Diet 

Burn Fat and Keep it Off Permanently Without Fancy Diets

How to lose weight and keep it off forever without a strict diet? How often have you ever heard a friend saying: “I’m on a diet”? Then what happens is that your friend would lose some weight for a while before putting them all back on. I also bet that you saw someone saying, “Cardio is the very best solution to lose weight”. This person would then religiously pound the treadmill, but the results are agonizingly slow. Soon he gives up and takes back all the weight he has lost…

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